The green innovation in agricultures is cost effective, How Smart Fertilizer transforms the industry

Salvatore Gaetano Verdoliva, Chief Agronomist,Smart Fertilizer

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Salvatore Gaetano Verdoliva, Chief Agronomist, Smart FertilizerSalvatore Gaetano Verdoliva, Chief Agronomist,Smart Fertilizer
Who is Smart Fertilizer?

Over fertilization combined with constantly increasing consumption results in reduced profit and water and increase in air pollution. Despite the technological developments of our age, climate change, water shortages and decrease in suitable agricultural land require farmers to do more with less. However, in the ever changing world Smart Fertilizer becomes a tool that can assist every grower. Smart Fertilizer revolutionises farming and is the future of agriculture. Our mission is to empower growers worldwide to make the right decisions every time so that they can increase profits and help the environment. The goal is to help farmers increase the yield while using the correct amount of fertilizers and therefore minimise the environmental impact. We have developed a software for the calculation of fertilization plans, for crops grown in both soil and in hydroponics.

Our mission is to empower growers worldwide to make the right decisions every time so that they can increase profits and help the environment

What do we do?

The algorithm takes into account various factors such as soil pH, EC, organic matter, temperature, nutrients present in the soil etc. All that the user needs to do is to upload sample analysis results into the application.
The user can upload their analysis of soil, water or leaf tissue. Based on the different crops and the preferred fertilizers chosen, the algorithm calculates an individual plan showing the right quantities of each to help manage the fertilizer application to be more efficient.

The software takes into account specific characteristics and makes adjustments in the calculation based on tillage practices and organic matter in the field, allowing the User to create customized fertilization plans. Also, it is possible to create custom crops and fertilizers and by adding which crop was grown in the field in the previous cycle is possible to be even more accurate in the new fertilization plans either in pre-planting or post-planting. Another interesting feature is the Fertigation calculation if the User is doing this practice. In fact, if fertigation is chosen, the algorithm also calculates the various re-distributions of fertilizers in the various tanks on the basis of solubility and compatibility, suggesting optimal EC and pH for fertigation.

  • Smart Fertilizer revolutionises farming and is the future of agriculture

SMART FERTILIZER provides a variety of packages to fit individuals needs. We understand that needs differ among growers so we created different products for various conditions and use. Our packages are based on features so the grower can immediately see all the available functions and pick a package according to their growing practice. For example, our best seller the Exact package, allowing creation of personalised crops and pre-planting function.

Plans for the future

We have successfully created a database of 215 crops (cereals, vegetables, grasses, orchards etc.) a user can choose from. Additionally, we are working on length prediction of each growth stage based on geolocation of the field and GDD (growing degree days). This will enable us to predict the length of the growing cycle of various crops in different regions around the world and therefore be more precise in fertilizer application.

Furthermore, in February, we have launched a new cloud-based version with some more features and a new interface.

Our Headquarter is in London, UK, but we are expanding our presence to Latin America, Asia and across Europe.

We have some exciting plans for the future. We are already implementing a satellite service (via API) for variable rate application of N-based fertilizers for our corporate farms customers. This will allow us to create fertilization plans taking into account the special variability of the field and crop. Furthermore, this feature will provide the user with precious information regarding the health state of the crop.
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